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We are a local group of filmmakers who came together in 2017 with a shared passion for making films. There is little opportunity in the filmmaking industry so, we decided to set-out on our own. We write, produce and make all our own films. We rely on our supporters, who generously donate so that we can bring stories to film. What you see in our films, is raw passion, a film made through hard work, determination and sacrifice. We love what we do!  


Steve Cooke
As the founder of TWWP, I wanted to provide opportunities for those who were looking to get involved in local film making. I was joined by a group of young people, all finishing their tertiary studies in film, and wanting to ensure that they continued in something they love, film making. Six years later, we are still together and still making films! Something that I am very proud of.
I've also been joined by some local industry stalwarts, bringing their experience and expertise to our small productions.

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Mike Wheeler
Mike’s involvement in the film industry began in 2013 when he studied acting and since that time has performed in a diverse range of feature films, short films and assorted commercials. Mike is passionate about the industry and often volunteers his time to help others with their film projects. Mike has also completed numerous training courses run by Dustin Hoffman, Kevin Spacey, Larry Moss as well as Australia's leading casting agents Anousha Zarkesh and Greg Apps.


Mike recently joined the Walk World team when he was cast as “Billy” in their latest feature film “Dedication” (based on a short story by Stephen King). Mike shared the film making passion of Steve Cooke and volunteered to step behind the camera as first assistant director for their new web series “The Kanberry Vampire Hunters”. Mike brings decades of managing teams and a history of IT experience into a role that requires all this and more. We look forward to enhancing our team over time to produce the very best Canberra based films a not-for-profit film company possibly can.

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Magdalene Shatrov
Maggie joined me in 2017 for filming of a local documentary. After finishing her tertiary qualification in film, she has been an integral part of the film making journey, assisting in writing and editing scripts, but most importantly, performing the very crucial role of Director Photography. Maggie also has a keen interested in environmental issue and is currently filming her own documentary, focusing on the district around her home. 

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Caleb Cooke
Caleb is another crew member that joined in 2017 and has been with us ever since. After obtaining his Advanced Diploma in film making, Caleb has performed one of our very vital roles - Sound!
Caleb is also a keen writer, and has written several scripts. He is currently working on his first feature length script.

Linus Wong
Linus has been with our crew since 2019 and performs the role of camera operator, but also on-set photography. He is also our photographer for promotional and film posters. After obtaining his tertiary qualification in film making, Linus created his own photography studio (Linus Studios) and has become a popular photographer for actors and models in our region.  

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