A small film making business, focusing on stories from the Canberra and Monaro districts.

For many years, I have walked into the wilderness, exploring different and unique landscapes. My passion for walking also inspired me to write about the walks and of course, venture into the wonderful world of  photography. I self-published my walk experiences on my very own website and soon developed a strong following of like minded people, as well as those that just wanted to explore their surrounds.


But film making was something I had always held a secret desire to do and it wasn't long before I switched the camera mode to video and began to capture my experiences in this great format. There is no better way to turn your adventure into a story.


I love life and the many experiences that it presents. My own journey saw me wanting to bring other peoples stories to light  through video production.


I simply love my work. Let me bring my passion to your very own video story.

Steve Cooke

​Film Maker and Editor - The Walk World Productions

A late change in career presented  an opportunity to do something I've always wanted to do. What started as a small film making venture, quickly moved into filming of a big production documentary and now focusing on local stories.

"I love to produce films. There are so many unique and interesting stories to capture".


Owner, Steve Cooke took a moment to reflect on top of Mt Gingera, Ngunnawal land.

Background Image: Gros Morne Mountain, Gors Morne National Park, Newfoundland Canada. Photograph by Stephen Cooke.