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The Walk World Productions was formed after a late career change led me to doing something I've always wanted to do - Film Making! The name came from my love of bush walking. I walked not only here in Australia, but also in many overseas locations. To me, the world seemed to be there to walk, to experience and to enjoy the amazing and different cultures on offer. Hence the name!

My first film, Letter from Bobeyan, was the first of a series (still to be filmed) and following it's success, I've branched out into other genres. Our first feature length film, The Blacksmith, premiered at Dendy Theatrs on 25 November 2022.

I love story telling and the journey that takes you from that very first idea, to writing, developing and finalising a script. I particularly enjoy the challenge that being an Independent Filmmaker throws up. We are like a lot of other independent film makers - we struggle for funding and often rely on the generosity of our supporters through crowd funding pages. Even though it can be tough at times, it is particularly satisfying to know that this is helping local actors and crew.


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