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Letter From Bobeyan -
The Series 

Currently in Production

The Kanberry Vampire Hunters
A web-series based on the adventures of a group of misfits, who call themselves vampire hunters. They investigate all manner of supernatural and unexplained in Canberra;  from ghouls, to ghosts and of course, vampires! A classic schlock horror adventure!
Here's a snippet from an upcoming episode featuring our broody vampire, Astley! Oh yeah, and Maverick, well intentioned, but...

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My Father
A short monologue about a police officer, questioning his life and worth, struggling with the impacts of PTSD.

He agonises over why his father (a retired police officer and now deceased) never warned him about the things he would experience, and if he had, would he have been better prepared for what he went through?
Starring Michael Slater. Written by Steve Cooke.

Past Productions

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