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Letter From Bobeyan

Our multi-award winning short film, Letter from Bobeyan, is a fictional story, based on historical events that occurred on 24 June 1850 in the Bobeyan Valley, now Namadgi National Park, to the south of Canberra.
There is a lot of mystery surrounding the incident, and there is very little information known about the exact details of what occurred on that day.
Our film takes those events from 1850 and introduces Gracie, a modern day explorer who comes across a letter, and embarks on a journey to find the truth.


Ylaria Rogers


Yanina Clifton
'Flora Brayshaw'

Michael Slater Actor_edited.jpg

Michael Slater
Thomas Westerman

Photo 6-3-21, 10 47 27 am.heic

Aidan Daly
'William Brayshaw'

Michelle George.jpg

Michelle George
'Mary Westerman'


Steve Cooke
Writer, Director & Co-Producer


Magdalene Shatrov
Director of Cinematography

Caleb Cooke_edited.jpg

Caleb Cooke
Sound & Co-Producer


Erin Hyde
Camera & Lighting


Lachlan Parker


Linus Wong
Camera & Photography

Bobeyan Y 1_edited.jpg

Darryl Parker
Logistics & Catering

Durr 7.jpeg

Tracey Durr
Horse Handler

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