A Dark Comedy


Dan is different from most people his age. He's a loner, preferring his own company and above all, he values a quiet life, one of solitude and peace. Becoming a Funeral Director seemed like a logical thing to do. Even moreso by opening his own Funeral Home. To Dan, dealing with dead bodies is preferable to dealing with the living.
Dan's overprotective mum seems to never be far away, turning up at the most awkward of times, always worrying about Dan's welfare and whether he has had something decent to eat, rather than just instant noodles.
His peaceful, albeit awkward life, is suddenly turned upside down by the arrival of Astley, a young women who has taken a shine to Dan. She also happens to be a vampire.
More trouble arrives on Dan's doorstep, when three self-declared 'vampire hunters' start hanging around, looking for the vampire Astley and causing Dan all sorts of grief.

Fionn Stagg.jpg

Fionn Stagg - 'Astley'

Astley looks like she is in her twenties, but she's over 200 years old and happens to be a vampire. She takes a shine to Dan and also takes up residence in Dan's Funeral Home! Astley changes Dan's life, not necessarily for good reasons! 

Sam Welling, 15, 177 cm - 3.jpg

Sam Welling - 'Dan'

Dan is mid twenties, an introvert and very clumsy. His distaste for dealing with people resulted in him becoming a funeral director. Unfortunately for him, he still has to deal with living people, until Astley arrives.

Michelle George.jpg

Michaelle George - 'Dan's Mum'

Dan's mum is 50 years old, loves her son, having raised him alone, but worries about him a lot. She often turns up at the funeral home unexpectedly, always worrying about what Dan is eating. She is also very protective!

Michael Slater Actor.JPG

Michael Slater - 'Maverick

Maverick is 30 years old, thinks of himself as being very cool and the leader of his small group of 'supernatural investigators'. When he decides to hunt the vampire Astley, the outcome is not what he expected!

Cartoon Face_edited_edited.jpg

Casting Call - Dylan

Dylan is mid twenties and has always had an obsession with the supernatural. He's easily led and ends up as part of Maverick's vampire hunting gang.

Cartoon Face_edited_edited.jpg

Casting Call - Seb

Seb is friends with Dylan and also easily led. He follows Dylan into Maverick's vampire hunting gang. He's a little clumsy and says awkward things, usually at the worst possible time!

Cartoon Face Female.jpg

Casting Call - (minor role) Maya

Maya is in her 30's and has recently lost her mum and must somehow deal with Dan in order to arrange her funeral 

Cartoon Face_edited_edited.jpg

Casting Call - (minor role) Ethan

Ethan, mid 30's is married to Maya and provides whatever comfort he can to her whilst trying to arrange the funeral of his mother-in-law.