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Passing Time

Each generation is determined to outdo the one before it. Emily is a young and energetic go getter who thinks her parents, and their generation in particular, lacked the drive to be truly successful. She loves her job and is determined to climb the corporate ladder. Emily has no time for anything else. An encounter with Bessie, an elderly lady in the last days of her long life, impacts on Olivia in a way she couldn't possibly have foreseen, changing her outlook on life forever.​
Want to see the film? Click on the link below.
Lily Welling.png
Lily Welling 
Plays Emily
Michelle George.jpg
Michelle George plays Zoey
Joan White plays Bessie
James Lim.JPG
James Lim plays the sign maker
Profile Picture.JPG
Steve Cooke Writer & Director
Caleb Cooke_edited.jpg
Caleb Cooke
Erin Hyde Producer
Maggie Shatrov Cinematographer
Linus Wong
Camera & Photography
Brayden Clews-Proctor
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