The Blacksmith

Dan is different from most people his age. He's a loner, preferring his own company and above all, he values a quiet life, one of solitude and peace. Becoming a Funeral Director seemed like a logical thing to do. Even moreso by opening his own Funeral Home. To Dan, dealing with dead bodies is preferable to dealing with the living.
Dan's overprotective mum seems never to be far away, turning up at the most awkward of times, always worrying about Dan's welfare and whether he has had something decent to eat.
His peaceful, albeit awkward life, is suddenly turned upside down by the arrival of Astley, a young women who has taken a shine to Dan. She also happens to be a vampire.
More trouble arrives on Dan's doorstep, when three self-declared 'vampire hunters' start hanging around, looking for the vampire Astley and causing Dan all sorts of grief.

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