Mt Tennant
A film about the final days of John Tennant and Mary Winter

A film set well before Canberra was named as Australia's Capital City. John Tennant, an Irish convict who absconded from his assigned landholder and took to bush ranging in the Canberra region, raiding many homesteads, inns and travellers in the district during the 1820's. On one such raid, he was shot in the back by a property owner and whilst recuperating, met another local convict, Mary Winter. Mary became just the third known female Australian bushranger. 


After he shot an Aboriginal tracker in the leg, more troopers and trackers were sent to capture Tennant and Winter resulting in Tennant being arrested and taken to Sydney where he was hung. Mary Winter however, was never found, seemingly disappearing and never being heard from again.  


A great piece of history from our wonderful district. 

Script under development. Filming scheduled to commence September 2022. Film due for release early 2023.

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